Jonangi/Kolleti Jagila

The Jonangi is a native dog breed of India found around kolleru region of Andhra Pradesh.Jonangi is used as a watchdog and for herding ducks.They are extremely agile,easily trainable and very intelligent dog .There coat is extremely short and shiny,this is one of the unique quality of this breed. These dogs come in  solid colors of fawn, biscuit, chocolate, black,  white. These dogs comes with wrinkled fore head and curled tail.They  may have erect or floppy ears.The Jonangi stands between 17 to 21 inches at the withers.

You will find some good jonangi's with Mr.Achyutha Ramayya a great animal lover from tanuku village of andhra pradesh

Photo courtesy by Venkata Ramana Pasila


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